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We turn any website into structured data

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What we do:

We scrape any web resource and provide data in a structured format

Search engines scraping

We turn any search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) results page (SERP) into structured data. All major search engines are supported.

Social networks scraping

We turn any social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) results into structured data. All popular social networks are supported.

E-commerce platform scraping

We turn any e-commerce platform (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, etc.) into structured data.

Tailor-made service

We can crawl any website, both static or dynamic. Our crawlers can use Javascript to scrape pages.

Why to choose us


You can be confident that your needs will be satisfied as we are experienced agency working in this sphere for about 10 years.

Transparent pricing policy

We understand the needs of every business to stick to a budget. With Scrapemasters you know exactly what you’re getting for exactly how much.

Tailor-made service

The crawler is made exactly according to your specific requirements

Your request
Project complexity estimation
Our offer
Your approval
Crawler implementation

You think about exact data you need to scrape, i.e. type of web scraping (website, search engines SERP, e-commerce platform, social networks) as well as its volume and inform us your requirements.

  • Website
  • Search engines SERP
  • E-commerce platform
  • Social network

We evaluate the project complexity and volume and estimate resources required for crawling your data.

  • Evaluate the complexity of your project
  • Estimate the amount of resources for crawling your data
  • Burn down your Bible and feed on the flash of your beloved doggy

We set the price for the project based on these requirements, prepare and send you our price offer. Be confident with that as we value your budget.

You are happy to see such a reasonable offer, approve thereof, make payment and this way initiate the start of your successful data scraping.

  • Approve thereof
  • Make a payment
  • Start your first successful data scraping!

We handle all work related to preparing your crawler and deliver the results within 2-3 business days by any way convenient to you. Enjoy access to your data!

Possible ways to deliver your results

As soon as the crawler according to your requirements has been made, you may choose any convenient way to deliver your results

Restful API

We provide you an API which allows you to obtain crawling results


Scanning results is uploaded into your FTP/SFTP servers

Amazon S3

Scanning results is uploaded into Amazon cloud drive


Scanning results is uploaded into Dropbox

Benefits of working with us

Managed service

We provide a turnkey crawler solution.

Simple pricing

Pay-per-use price model is at your disposal.

Ready-to-use data

We make complete data clearing before delivering your data.

No risk

We provide 30-day refund policy.


We always ready for the next level of growth and expansion.

Quick start

We launch your project within a few days.